conference5This year’s CA Conference, entitled “Reaching out for the stars: Consolidating the HESD constellation” will take place online from 4-6 September 2019, using an innovative and CO2-saving format. 

The event will support creative interaction among members, with the aim of generating experiences, insights, and collaboration that can help advance the work of the CA, its member institutions, and the individuals that engage in making a difference. This will help to create a clearer and more visible constellation of themes, members, and projects in the CA – our stars – making our network both more relevant to our members and more recognizable for the larger HE network.

The CA will pilot the 2019 online conference mainly with its members, with the aim of opening the 2020 conference to the wider public, in the tradition of past CA events. During the 2019 online conference, participants will have an opportunity to interact with keynote speakers and react to their provocative questions. They will also be able to take part in co-creation labs on hot HESD topics, and share the results of their group work with the CA community and keynote speakers. A CA COST action will also be presented, discussed, and refined with all members. The event will close with the CA’s annual General Assembly – also to take place online.

Stay tuned for more information about preparations for this exciting event here and on Twitter: @COP_Alliance